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Howdy pplz


Hi and welcome to my site....

In the following pages I will be putting up Information about the cheats used in renegade , No Cheats are kept on this site just the information about them. (This information could possibly be out of date now as it was put up a couple years ago, but still it should be a little useful.)

I will also be putting up skins, boink sounds , maps , mods for download.

Please Note : In no way shape or form can I accept credit for most the skins/boinks/maps/mods as I did not make them. However I have made a few skins and will put them up with a My own skin next to them.

Chat Space

In the chat page there is a 50 ppl chat room for online conversations for what ever you want to talk about !!!

How many pplz visit o_O ??

This counter shows how many visiters Ive had to the site.



The homepage music is extracted from the always.dat file for renegade and is called "Command and Conquer". 


To stop the music from playing scroll down the the bottom of the page where a small grey bar will be with play/pause and stop options just clik on the play/pause or stop button and the music will stop,if u want it to play again clik play.

Web Form

If you like you can send me any information you may have about the latest or past cheats , Also if you have a skin , boink , sound , map or mod you think is great and would like to share with others you can send me a form and I will contact you by email so I can put it up as a download. (Please remember to add your email address to the form.)

Please do not abuse the use of this submit form, Thanx


|  MadeábyáDaVyse

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